No matter which industry or business environment you work in, you will always need market intelligence – information that is useful, reliable and actionable; information that will prepare you to make informed business decisions. AIM works meticulously to collate smart data about the relevant business ecosystem ranging from market analysis to stakeholder and competition mapping. We advise our clients on business strategy topics spanning:

  • Due Diligence (Commercial, Financial, Integrity-based, Operational)
  • Industry and Competition Benchmarking
  • Fair Business Practice assessments
  • Corporate Governance
  • Employee Relations
  • Promoter Profiling
  • Litigation and Database Searches
  • Third Party integrity and Vendor Screening

AIM follows a 360 degrees approach to derive its findings and build consultative solutions. We ensure our consultative services are backed by hard facts, corroborations and evidences. Often, this means we have to deploy our extensive network and wide reach to bring out information which may not be available in the public domain. Our methodologies are geared towards maximizing results and we work with all potential sources to build the most exclusive and useful solution for any case.